Finding Your Way

What I Learned in 2020

What did you learn in 2020? This is an important question to ask of ourselves. It is so vital to answer so you can create a path forward. We all had challenges that can lead to outcomes with long–term positive impact. Here are three things I learned from the world around me.


We took nothing for granted and the time to slow down allowed us to simply enjoy the small things that come our way. When I speak with close friends and family, many are thankful for the extra time they spend with their children to explore new and exciting opportunities that time did not afford them previously. Hopefully we will continue to harness this gratitude and live in this space.


Our children encountered adaptability the most as they switched to distance learning during the school year.  Parents found themselves in a web of demands where they had to manage workloads while overseeing their child’s daily educational needs. Studies support in-school learning as an important aspect of child development. There are also essential benefits for a parent witnessing how their child engages in and expands his or her personal learning style. Our children will hopefully return to school very soon, and we will have more knowledge to support them in the very best way.


I heard a joke early in the pandemic. If you are out in your neighborhood and see strangers, don’t call the authorities. They are actually your neighbors. We are more connected than ever before. I don’t mean in social media spaces where we carefully pick the perfect pictures to share the perfect post. This is true connectivity where we sit and have a conversation across the fence like the Wilson family and Mr. Hindman did on Home Improvement. We now do more than wave from the car and promise to come by when time permits. We actually talk and engage as families in a safe and endearing manner.

Gratitude, adaptability and connectivity are three emotional experiences where I learned about others. I used those experiences to face the challenges of 2020. They gave me hope for the future and a basis to believe in the very best about and from the people around me.

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