The Holiday Bucket List Continues!

We’re still celebrating and want to share a few more excursions from our family bucket list. Catherine is embracing the season. Take a look at a few more of her exciting outings: 

Paint a Christmas Memory

Catherine visited the Elf Workshop at the Christmas Craft Studio in a nearby town. She painted a Christmas tree and a reinbear. The dreamlike atmosphere was a lift for the holiday season.

painting crafts

painting crafts

Purchase a Gift for the Angel Tree

This is a tried and true tradition for our family that started when big sister Christina was a little girl. We selected a recipient close in age to Catherine and made the purchase from one of Catherine’s favorite stores – Claire’s. After looking through all the glitz and glamour, she settled on a gift card and was eager to return it to Santa’s mailbox. 

Angel Tree shopping

Take in a game from your favorite sports Team

Catherine attended her first Dallas Mavericks basketball game. This was great fun for the whole family. She joined the crowd in cheering on the home team. 

Dallas Mavs game

Dallas Mavs game

Create Snowflakes

Snow is rare and short lived in Texas. This is a magical craft where small brown paper bags evolve into an enchanted creation to crown the top of a tree or hang in your window. She had tons of fun creating her own designs.

snowflake craft

snowflake craft

Build a Christmas Vignette. 

We create multiple vignettes in our home each Christmas. This year Catherine created her very own vignette from ornaments of Christmas past, miniature Christmas trees and garland. The joy was captured in creating a small space to celebrate the splendor of this season.

Christmas decorations

Enjoy the Small Gifts of the Season

A few days ago, Catherine came home from school and asked about her reindeer ears. She found her old one in disrepair and insisted on getting new ones. I always keep a few extra pairs around but could not locate them. We made it to one of the local big box stores and our girl went on her mission to find her reindeer ears. I had to chase her. She searched…..and searched…..until I heard “I found them – reindeer ears!” The smile on her face tells the whole story and my heart was filled to know the search for a small gift could bring her so much joy!



We’re having a great time and glad to have you with us. We hope you continue to find the blessings of this joyous season!

Check us out on Instagram starting December 14th as we mark the twelve days of Christmas with more scenes from our celebrations.

  1. Laticia Khalif Smith says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all the pictures of Catherine. She is adorable and the love that she receives from her family shines through each and every picture.

  2. Eloise Square says:

    Good stuff!
    Add to your bucket list:
    Attend high school football game Saturday Dec 11th at 4pm in McKinney ISD Stadium
    Duncanville vs Southlake Carroll

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