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Back to School: Six Tips to Help You Avoid a Stressful Start to the School Year

The new school year is only a few weeks away. I know we are in the middle of summer and our minds are not there yet. It’s been so nice for our kiddos to enjoy a leisure morning with a little extra time to dive into fun activities. You can still relish the summer, but it is best to get a head start to avoid the back to school rush. Take in the tips below to escape a stressful start to the school year.

1. Complete summer reading and book reports.

Encourage your child to take advantage of the pressure free schedule to get through the reading and book report. You’ve been giving them a gentle nudge from the very start and they are not really thinking about school work. Remind them that this focused effort on one assignment allows them to give their very best.

2. Complete all of your enrollment paperwork before the first day of school.

You can find the enrollment forms on your school district’s website for new and returning students. Browse the site for school supply lists, calendars, transportation schedule and more.  Make sure to pencil in the open house to meet the new teacher.

3. Take care of visits to the pediatrician, dentists or eye care specialists.

Many healthcare providers are super busy this time of year. Students have a relaxed schedule and this is a great time to get appointments completed. It is also a great time to squeeze in any follow-up appointments or procedures. Read our post: “How to Prepare for a Visit to the Ophthalmologist” for more insight.

4. Make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date.

Immunizations are believed to promote long term health benefits. Current immunization records are required as a part of the registration for school. In many cases, the immunizations are approved by the campus nurse to ensure compliance with state requirements. The Center for Disease Control also provides a recommended immunization schedule.

If you elect NOT to have your children immunized. Please check with your school or district for their policy. 

5. Start shopping for school supplies.

Many of the big box retailers have started their back to school promotions and most carry the supply list for local schools. There are great deals that only come this time of year and the savings on some items are as low as 25 cents. To put yourself at ease, you may also elect to shop online and pick up in store. Don’t forget to stock up for later in the school year.

6. Take advantage of Tax Free Weekend.

Most states support a “Back to School Tax Free” period where consumers may take advantage of a temporary reduction or exclusion of sales tax. The length and date varies from state to state and can last from a two day weekend up to a week. Some studies suggest that families can spend upwards of $600.00 per child for clothing, computers and school supplies. The savings are significant for many families with multiple children and/or limited budgets. Check out the criteria for eligible items, tax savings and timeframe for your state on the following link.

I’ve started working through this checklist and I am relieved to be ahead of the game. It heightened Catherine’s excitement for the school year and I know it will do wonders for your family.


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