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The Courage To Let Go, Part Two: Growth through New Experiences

SEEK Camp was a great success for Catherine. The excitement started on the first day where she went on her very first trail ride. She watched her sister ride for years, but was always afraid to get on a horse. There was no hesitation as she was not only able to ride but stayed on for the entire trail ride and did not want to get down.

She also had fun with the nightly worship where they learned new songs, dance and participate in so many fun games.

On the final day, there was a closing ceremony where she was asked to participate as one of the bible characters and also served communion.

It was really a time of growth for her where she adjusted to sleeping away from home in a room with more than ten other girls. She bonded with her counselor Rachel who is now on my speed dial for babysitting. Catherine was in a place where her creativity was bolstered in unique ways and she had the self-confidence to try new activities. Her independence has grown where she now takes more initiative with self-care and she is more astute with social boundaries.

This experience is one we treasure and will not miss next year as it will continue to help her make strides to be a solid, capable and considerate individual.  


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