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Hope with Summer Reign

 “If there is hope in the future, there is literally power in the present.” Zig Ziglar

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Beyond the Waiting Room is featuring an incredible mom of four children. Clarice exemplifies hope as she cares for her growing family and manages the care of her fourth child, Summer Reign, born with Down syndrome. 


Getting the News

Clarice had normal pregnancies and her fourth pregnancy was the same as her three older children. At the birth of each of her children, she was able to see them the moment they arrived. Summer’s delivery was different. “They weighed her and would not let me see her right away. After 20 minutes, they gave her to me and explained she had Down syndrome. I was sad at first until I took one look at Summer’s smiling face.” 

At that moment Clarice knew they were going to be okay.

Hope with Summer Reign

Sharing the News with Family

Summer arrived at the start of COVID-19 and the routine at home was a significant adjustment. Clarice and her husband Raynaldo, managed the arrival of a new sibling with special needs, supported virtual learning for their 8 year old daughter Skylar and cared for big brother, 3 year old Chayce. The couple’s oldest, Robert was a senior in high school preparing for college in the fall.  

Their children adore their little sister with their whole heart. As the oldest, Robert knew his sister had special needs from the beginning. 

Hope with Summer Reign

Summer receives occupational, speech and physical therapy each week. Summer knows how to stand and crawl. She is learning how to walk.  She says a few words and signs more, please and all done. 

Hope with Summer Reign

Skyler was curious and asked about the weekly visits from therapists. Clarice gently explained how therapists come to help Summer thrive in areas where there is a delay in development.

Chayce is Summer’s best friend and teacher. Her favorite time of the day is the morning and she wakes up with a smile. Each morning Summer crawls to Chayce’s room to get him out of bed. Chayce diligently supports her with stacking blocks and other gross motor activities.

Hope with Summer Reign

“Family members love her anyway. My 87 grandma told me downs kids are the best and they all accept her.”

Clarice’s cousin, Shonta’, owner of Mahogany Essential Candles created a candle called Summer Reign and donated the proceeds to a local Down syndrome Foundation for almost a year. 

Her family’s acceptance and love for Summer never waivers and is a huge support for Clarice and Raynaldo as they manage the needs of their family each day.

Hope with Summer Reign

Daddy’s Girl

“Daddy is also her best friend and they have a special bond. When he comes home from work she crawls quickly to greet him and says Hey Dad!” 

Hope with Summer Reign

Hope for the Future

Clarice share’s Summer’s journey on Instagram to reveal how Summer thrives each day. She is excited about Summer’s future. She wants her to attend school with typical and special needs children. She will one day have a job and contribute to society.  Clarice is committed to the annual Buddy Walk so that Summer understands she is not the only one with Down syndrome. There are other children just like her.

Hope with Summer Reign

Clarice finds hope in other individuals with Down syndrome taking the world by storm and participating in Special Olympics, and Triathlons.  

“There is no limit to what she can do and we will not set barriers for her.” 

  1. Yana Nicole says:

    Such a Beautiful Testimony…I Love and Adore your Family…Your Daughter is Beautiful and Your Family is such An Inspiration to Our Down syndrome Community…Keep up the Great Works and I look forward to following Summer Reigns Journey…She lights up the World and Such a Babydoll 🤗💙🤗💙

  2. Robbhughes says:

    I’m so proud of you 👍🏾 you are a great person. I cherish our relationship, you and Summer are a blessing. .

  3. Juanita turner says:

    I love u summer 💛 Reese you a great mom hunny

  4. Cheryl Taylor says:

    My baby is the best. She will thrive and be great. Keep moving forward. Love G-Ma.

  5. Tameika ashley says:

    My Summer Reign brings so much sunshine in the room just like her name Summer!!! She is the light that we all needed!!! Love you Miss.Reign !!! Keep bringing Us joy and happiness!!!

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