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Five Fun Cost Effective Ideas while Sheltered at Home

It’s been about one month since we’ve sheltered at home. Our days are running together. We can no longer identify where our week begins or ends. If you’re like us, you’ve caught up on all of your favorite shows on Hulu and used grocery store pick up or delivery rather than physically going there.  We’ve found time to do things we just don’t normally have time for in our busy schedule. Here are five fun cost effective ideas we’ve embraced during this period and encourage you to try:


  1. Try a new recipe. My girls have taken to cooking together a couple times a week. Christina is teaching Catherine how to bake. They’ve made brownies from the box and banana bread from scratch. Catherine is learning how to measure and read instructions.

Five Fun Cost Effective Ideas while Sheltered at Home


  1. Clear out clutter We all have that perpetual junk drawer, stuffed linen closet or closed off room you don’t want anyone to see. This is the perfect time to purge, shred and organize. Merle and I have made a list of the areas we will tackle before we get back to our normal schedule.  This week we are working our way through our closet and bathroom cabinets. We’ve wanted to get this done for more than a year. Now is the perfect opportunity.

Five Fun Cost Effective Ideas while Sheltered at Home


  1. Put together a Jigsaw Puzzle My brother and his family are putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. What a nice challenge and a great way to spend time together as a family.


  1. Plan a Virtual Get Together with Family or FriendsWhen you’re far away from family, we’ve got a fun way to connect. A couple of weeks ago, my brother-in-law and his wife planned a virtual family game night with five households on Zoom. We played Family Feud and Jeopardy. We won. Instead of winning Fast Money, we won a roll of toilet paper. It was friendly competition and a unique way to stay in touch.


  1. Get movingThere is no time like the present. We’ve had great weather here in Texas and we are taking advantage of it. Merle has restarted his daily walk and is able to get in at least 30 minutes daily. Catherine joins him a couple of days a week. I’ve included more weight training and more time on the treadmill in my workouts. My regular schedule is so full, it is difficult to get it all in daily.

Five Fun Cost Effective Ideas while Sheltered at Home


I know it is a challenge to manage while sheltered in. The uncertainty is the worse part. Hang in there.  We will get back to normal at some point. Imagine how much better you will feel when you take advantage of this gift of time.


Share with us how you are making the most of your time while sheltered at home.

  1. Ac says:

    Good stuff Lillian,

    We’ve done our own version of some of your suggestions.

    Be abundantly safe,


  2. Laticia Khalif says:

    I love love love all of the beautiful family pictures with Catherine walking with her dad and Catherine in the kitchen with her sister!!! These pictures are truly a blessing; however, in the midst of all of chaos and confusion in these unprecedented covid-19 times, it is great to see families getting reacquainted with each other

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