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Catherine’s 15th Birthday

Catherine is 15! I am still pinching myself and I cannot believe how fast the time passed. Where is that
little girl who barely weighed 10 pounds at a year old and struggled to survive in her very early years?

Our Story, Part 3: The Surgeries

Well she’s still going and enjoying the milestones of life.Her birthday falls on the last day of the autumn season and is nestled in the Christmas holiday. We’ve been pretty careful to ensure a distinct celebration for her birthday during a treasured time of year. Even though, COVID-19 has rushed into our lives in a number of ways, we are grateful for so many things as we marked this year’s celebration.

In our home, we have birthday weekend celebration and the multi-day event is so much fun. The
weekend started with phone calls from family members all wishing her well!

What girl does not like flowers? Her maternal grandparents, aunts and uncles surprised her with a
bouquet of sunflowers and roses. The smile on her face was priceless.


She spent some girl time with Sissy at the nail shop. A monthly ritual they never miss and it is more
special in the past several months with her sister at home.


A little family time on Merry Main Street (Christmas Light Show) was an exciting time.

A family dinner with just the four of us was a special time.


We were together as a family and grateful for health and happiness. We are hopeful for the year to
come and look forward to sharing Catherine’s journey to sweet sixteen!

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