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Virtual Camps, Part Two: Catherine’s Experience

Catherine’s virtual summer camp experience was a roaring success. The two week adventure, orchestrated through zoom, took her on a host of creative prospects that kept her intrigued to learn more. The interesting themes presented a unique backdrop to unlock educational material and have fun in a creative way. Take a peek at a few of her escapades at her Dino and Great Outdoors camp!

She went on an excavation as a Paleontologist to discover dinosaurs. (One of my favorite activities).


The nature scavenger hunt in our backyard with daddy and sissy was a neat way to spend time together searching for bugs, rocks and leaves.

Yoga right before lunch gave her an opportunity to spread her wings and wind down after a busy morning.


The camp fire art project was also great fun.


We all need a lantern to help us find our way.


You can’t go wrong with dirt dessert with pudding, Oreos and gummy worms.


Each day Catherine was eager, engaged and fully committed. The hands on at home experience was great fun and the best part was to see her smiling face at the end of each day. This was an ideal solution at a time when in person camps are not available!

  1. Laticia Khalif says:

    Excellent!!!! Catherine is doing great things!!!

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