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Mother’s Day: How to Show Support to Moms of Special Needs Children

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021, and I am flooded with memories of my first Mother’s Day with Catherine – May 14, 2006. A week prior, she had undergone heart surgery and was in critical condition. Doctors had placed her in a medically induced coma to manage her challenges with pulmonary hypertension. Celebrating Mother’s Day wasn’t on my mind. Quite frankly, that entire weekend was a complete blur as I was buried in my worries about Catherine and her condition. What I do remember most is the kindness of others who offered their support to our family during that difficult time.

As you celebrate this weekend, think of the joy you can bring to others, especially those mothers facing daunting circumstances. If you know a mom of a special needs or medically complex child, take a moment to offer your well wishes and support to her in a special way:

  1. Express admiration for her dedication and hard work to support her child’s wellbeing. My mom tells me this on a daily basis. This boasts my energy on days I am feeling a bit challenged. She’s walked this journey with me and always knows the words I need to get through a trial.
  1.  Purchase a gift card to her favorite restaurant. One of my best friends brought food to us each night while we were in the hospital with Catherine.  This was often the best time to sit and decompress after a day of tests, updates and doctor visits. A friendly face is always welcomed.
  1. Offer to help with some home tasks like pulling in the garbage can or cutting the yard. We were often away at the hospital for long hours each day. My neighbor Joyce pulled out our garbage cans on trash pick up day and put them back in place at the end of the day. She didn’t ask if we needed help. She just did it. It was one less thing for us to think about. If you’re reading this Joyce, thank you! Your kind gestures meant so much.
  1. Send a supportive text message. This was such an incredible gift I received from a number of my friends. They sent inspirational scriptures, kind quotes or a special note to let me know we were in their thoughts and prayers.

These small acts of kindness made me beam on the inside and gave me a reprieve from the challenges of the moment. If you know of a mom who needs support on this special day, please take a moment and do something special to make her smile. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom!

  1. Angela O'Brien says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Lillian! Love reading your blog! Hope you have a well-deserved, relaxing day today!

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