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Catherine’s Milestone 13th Birthday

This month, Catherine turned thirteen years old.  We think it is a pretty significant birthday. Over the years we’ve celebrated many milestones such as her first, fifth and tenth birthdays. This year was special because we now have a teenager in our home for the second time. Our hopes for Catherine in the years to come are just as big as those we had for older sister, Christina.

For Catherine’s first birthday, we invited many friends to celebrate her life with us, as it marked a turning point in a long year of multiple surgeries and life altering events that culminated into a huge blessing. We knew the road ahead was even longer, but our hopes and hearts were in line with the season of good news.

From Tween to Teen, Catherine's Milestone Birthday

Year five was fun and whimsical as we gathered for strawberry cupcakes with two special friends. We topped off this birthday with a surprise pony ride. Her facial expressions told the complete story of the fun she had.From Tween to Teen, Catherine's Milestone Birthday

Year ten set just the right pace for an intimate mani/pedi party with a few friends from school. A fun ride in a limo set the stage for a grand entrance of fun and games.

From Tween To Teen, Catherine’s Milestone Birthday

Her thirteenth celebration was the banner of them all. Catherine bounced on the scene with her gal pals from school. They shared a Spa-tacular time at Sweet and Sassy. She was pampered for her special day. There were mani/pedis, facials, some time on the runway, and customized bath bombs. The best part was time with her friends. They all share a common bond and were celebrated like young princesses as they made the passage from pre-teens to teens.

From Tween To Teen, Catherine’s Milestone Birthday

This milestone also marks a passage for us as we watch Catherine mature. Stay on the journey with us. In upcoming blogs, I’ll share how we cope as a family as Catherine embraces her teenage years.


  1. Laticia Khalif says:

    Happy Birthday Catherine. Welcome to

  2. Savannah J. says:

    From the looks of everyone, this was a magnificent party! It gives us hope and gratitude for our youngest grandchild. Keep doing what you are doing…thanks a million for sharing! And, yes, the picture of Catherine on the pony is priceless – absolutely priceless.

  3. Alethea None says:

    I love you all! Merry Christmas!

  4. Audrey Moore says:

    I’m so thankful to God for the things he’s doing in Catherine’s life. Praise God she is now a teenager. What a blessed journey. So proud of you mom and Dad. Thank you for sharing her journey with us.

  5. Julie Bridges says:

    She is beautiful. I hope year thirteen is the best yet! Thanks for sharing!

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