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12 Must Haves For Your Camper’s Next Adventure

Angela O'Brien imageSummer camp is one of the rights of passage for every child. To ensure the best experience, your camper will need the proper essentials. I checked in with Angela O’Brien of The Especially Organized Podcast on the must-haves for their next quest.

  1. Get your camper ready! Camp can be a huge unknown, especially if this is their first time. Show them pictures from the camp website and build anticipation through friends who will also attend.
  2. Label EVERYTHING! Most counselors and campers are rushing to pack items and it’s easy for things to get lost or go home with another camper. “Once, my daughter came home with a completely different set of clothing!  Luckily, it was labelled and we were able to figure out where it needed to go.” 
  3. Pack enough outfits and pajamas for all of the days of camp plus one or two more. The extras will help manage any accidents.
  4. Gather complete outfits into a zippered pouch to include socks and underwear. If your child has the ability to match items, pack items in zippered pouches by type (all shorts, all socks, etc.)
  5. Purchase an economical hard plastic footlocker from your local big box store to pack clothes, towels, toiletries, and flashlight.
  6. Obtain a mesh laundry bag for sheets, blankets, pillow and stuffed animals. This allows for easy access once they arrive. “The camper and counselor are not hunting around at the start of camp for items they need to make the bed.”
  7. Prepare for the outdoors with swimsuit, swim cap, bug spray and sunscreen.
  8. Keep medication, doctor’s instructions, and additional forms with mom and dad in the car until you arrive. These items are then easily accessible to hand over to the nurse.
  9. Inform the camp of any special dietary needs. Many camps are prepared to accommodate special meals brought in from home.
  10. Bring any items that will make your camper more comfortable, especially if it is their first time. A special pillow, picture of the family, book, sun glasses or hat.
  11. Campers should not bring anything to camp they can’t live without. It’s easy for items to get lost and you don’t want them to lose that special item.
  12. Leave electronics at home. “It’s a time for campers to disconnect digitally and reconnect with friends and nature” 

This list of necessities is only the start of a captivating experience. We hope you find these tips helpful as your child takes on their next camp adventure.   

If you have any tips for a camper, please reach out and let us know. We would love to hear from you!  


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