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10 Self-Care Tips For Primary Caregivers

As a primary caregiver, taking care of a loved one is your number one priority. Taking care of yourself should be number two, but that’s not always the case. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on your plate, but don’t get comfortable putting yourself last. How can you give your loved one the best possible care if you’re not at your best? Here are 10 of my favorite self-care tips that you should add to your routine.

    1. Read – Studies show that reading stimulates the brain and can reduce stress. So, pick up a good book or interesting magazine article and be transported to a different world.
    2. Exercise – Regular exercise, whether it be kickboxing, running or yoga can make you feel happier, increase your energy levels and improve your sleep. Whatever you do, just get moving!
    3. Meditation – Taking the time to focus your mind and redirect your thoughts is another good stress reliever. Daily meditation can also help control anxiety and promotes mental health.
    4. Journaling – Putting a pen to paper can be an important tool to your mental well-being. Set aside some time to write and let the page absorb your feelings, whether they be good or bad.
    5. Date Night – Whether you go with a significant other, friend or just make it a self-date, taking the time to treat yourself pushes you higher up the priority ladder.
    6. Eat Healthy – They say you are what you eat. Having a well-balanced diet provides you with vital nutrients and fuels your body to keep you in tip-top shape.
    7. Go For A Walk/Hike – Walking is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to work out. Take this time to decompress, get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.
    8. Dance – Turn on your favorite upbeat music and dance like nobody’s watching.
    9. Ask For Help – You are not an island and it’s important to know when you’ve simply had too much to handle. Your friends and family want to help; all you have to do is ask.
    10. Talk It Out – Whether you need a pep talk, need to vent or just need a sounding board, having someone you can really talk to is practically a necessity.


Tell us about your favorite self-care habits in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.  

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